Historical > The Lasley Family of Old Mackinac, Second Edition (Book)

The Lasley Family of Old Mackinac: 1775 ~ 2015, 2nd Ed.

Compiled and Written By: Corey Lasley
Published: March 18th, 2016 (lulu.com)
ISBN: 978-1-329-98357-1
Format: Paperback / 512 pages
Category: History, Ancestry, Genealogy, Mackinaw, Mackinac Island, Michilimackinac
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Born just one year before the United States of America declared her independence from Great Britain, Samuel C. Lasley arrived at Michilimackinac in 1796 as part of a battalion of American troops aiming to take the Island from the British. Within a couple of years, he and his wife, Rachel, settled on the Island to start a family, and would spend the rest of their lives living among one of Michigan’s most beautiful landscapes. They later established the Island’s first place of boarding, known as the “Lasley House,” and raised a large family, sending into the world respectable women and hard-working men of great entrepreneurial spirit. All of the Lasley sons married Native American women of the Ojibwa/Chippewa, Odawa, Potawatomie, and Menomonee tribes, and were active in the fur trade and pioneering endeavors throughout the state and rapidly expanding country. The lines of three of Samuel and Rachel’s sons – Samuel Jr., George O., and James – would remain, in most part, within northern Michigan, while two other sons’ offspring would become established elsewhere; including John D., whose lineage spread into Kansas and Iowa, and William, whose lineage is found in Wisconsin. This work is intended to trace the history of Samuel C. Lasley, his sons, and their descendants throughout the ensuing years into modern times. Composed of nearly fourteen years of research by Corey C. Lasley, an eighth-generation descendant of Samuel C. Lasley, this work includes special detail to the lineage of Samuel C. Lasley’s firstborn son, Samuel Jr., down to Corey’s immediate family.